lunedì 14 gennaio 2008

Live Music


It all begins like this, with the bitterness of a reality long known: on Saturday I had to confirm the hard fact about pubs and places in which they play live music. Is it possible that a band, which does its best to create something new out of nothing, something good and most of all something PROPER, has got to feel the humiliation of playing in an empty space, where the only audience is the barman and the owner of the place? Can a band, after such an experience, continue to do their best, without having one’s hour of glory?

It just needs a little bit of attention, if we had it, we could discover new things, things which appearance often hides us: many musicians just trust their art, without noticing they are just following an unachievable mirage. This might seem the predictable way, but it isn’t: in Italy (and not only there!) everything which concerns music goes forward on the way of image and the last trend.

Does it seem so absurd? To have a bit of audience a band has got to count on its appearance, it works although the band isn’t musically valid (all references to Tokyo Hotel are casual) – or just rush headlong into the world of cover bands and play requiems of music and at the same time a requiem for creativity.

Cover bands are the funeral of creativity, genius and inspiration; not only a portrait of non productivity. Usually a musician defines himself like someone who plays something which comes from heart, mind and his hands, but they just live on the reflected glory of someone else, playing something which doesn’t belong them, this is the most disgusting part.

Then why does this happen? Because the audience is on the wrong side.

We haven’t got lust in discovering new bands, we fossilize on lifelong listened songs only because we like to sing them softly, and spit on everything we haven’t already seen or listened somewhere.

Unfortunately just few of us give the opportunity to any daring musician, who plays anything proper. This is why the request of bands and musicians like this is getting down, placed by any cover band, tribute band and whatever, this is when the local will be full of people.

Here begins the vicious circle: the owners of the place have to make certain a minimum profit and the people (we are like sheep) want to listen only cover bands, this is why the number of cover bands grows, just to have the possibility to play live in more than one occasion…

So the circle goes on, music remains trivial and in foreign countries they know us only for Eros Ramazotti and Lacuna Coil …. That’s great!.... We are seen as trivial Italians, who don’t understand anything and do not appreciate things which are the worth to be appreciated. Spaghetti, pizza and mandolin…, oh yes, we will never get rid of this label, although Italy is not only like this, we are able to do also other things: we should just open our ears and free our eyes from the 7 kilo’s ham on them, just to see that all around there it is full of talented people.

Thanks a lot!

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Translated by Sylvia Zaffora

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