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Authors: Francesco Zavattari - Director

First Article in English version
Original release: November 2005
Translated by: Sylvia Zaffora


Gertrude (his mother) probably felt, while her man was ejaculating, that the product of their love would have become a genius. This is why she decided to give him this name.
Do you know anyone called Stanley? Someone trivial? I don’t think so, and there is a reason why: unique also in this.
I could begin by saying that Stanley Kubrick was born in Manhattan the 26th of July, and continue like this, with a lot of information on his life, until the day of his death. For this purpose we have the existence of books ( moreover nowadays we have a bear market ).
I won’t even make a long item list of all his movies (for this there are many websites and the apposite opinion poll from the many opinion polls of ).
This is the 100th article of our portal, and in dedicating it to Kubrick, as he is my personal and great source of inspiration, I will only say that he is the one who invented what is beautiful and what is interesting in our movie culture.
I agree completely with who says that like in history, which is divided in B.C.(Before Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini), also cinematography must be divided in b.K. (before Kubrick) and a.K. (after Kubrick), forasmuch as b.K. there was a desperate need of transforming everything as quick as possible in a.K., and when this happened, many things did not remain the same.
Kubrick was the man who invented noisewhispernoise generated by parquetcarpetparquet of the Overlook Hotel, travelled over by a toy tricycle.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the man who was able to speak about the shallowness of human heart, from a height which only Shakespeare before him dared to reach.
The extreme genius is a female butterfly who flies just a little above a lake of triviality. If her wings touch water, she will drawn. Kubrick is one of those who succeeded in keeping the butterfly as long as possible in a dimension between popular- commercial, but always sublime, impeccable. Picasso, Warhol, Wilde, Mozart.
Sometimes also others have become a Pop phenomenon thanks to products which are not properly Pop.
There is who with his art take advantage of people’s money, and who, like in our case, take advantage of people’s mind, seizing our usual critical faculties and considerations on what is nice and what isn’t. Stanley is one of those. He is one who succeeds in showing his audience a film like “A clockwork orange” and gaining a positive response. Try to imagine the same script in the hands of a Muccino (Italian movie director) and you will understand there is no other form to create something memorable: the right man, in the right place, at the right time.
Stanley, God bless him, was a fair man and I would also add altruistic; You, readers, would you have shared the intellectual greatness that he wanted to share with us? Or would you have been greedy and possessive? Certainly in many would automatically answer they would, if it meant earning what Kubrick earned. And indeed in many tried, but a few, a very few of them succeeded in following his tracks. I often see in books a picture of a scene, a picture of one of his films, pictures of daily life on the set. I have seen hundreds of them, and the ones which impressed me most were the close-ups of Stanley. I watch his smart and disquieting eyes, quite the same as the young man in “ Fear and Desire” and the old bearded man in “Eyes wide shut”. I see his eyes and think “ this is the expression of the man who improved Caravaggio’s works on light, who reinterpreted and used on his wishes the music of Beethoven. This is the man who better than others expressed cinema as a complex melting pot of style, culture and art and with extreme scrupulousness”. It happens very often, that exceptionality takes the most common forms and hides behind unexpected eyes.

Ave Stanley, emperor of an art, which like us all, must own you the greatest gratitude.

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